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Work With Me

Check out some of my services for leading a nourished and inspiring life.


Individual Therapy

For individuals ages 12 and up that want to deeply understand themselves and learn tools to combat depression, anxiety, grief, and fear associated with life changes and/ or trauma.


Couples Therapy

Couples struggling to feel joy and satisfaction, wanting better communication, and reconnect intimately.


Family Therapy

Your family is uniquely comprised of individuals. Family therapy provides the opportunity to engage everyone to facilitate a change and transformation which benefits the family system.

It takes a great deal of courage to seek professional help and even more courage to implement change. If you are ready to take the next step and begin living a more fulfilling and self-empowered lifestyle, I’d love to help guide you along the way.

Dr Basley helped me with my anxiety and grief-stricken state of mind. I looked forward to speaking with her.”

- Stacy

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